Lunenburg County E-Services

The Lunenburg County Treasurer's Office is pleased to offer online access services. Click e-Treasurer for access.

e-Treasurer Services

Available Payment Options

Real Estate Taxes: Pay Real Estate taxes online. Enter by Dept/Ticket Number, Parcel Number, Name or Account Number.

Personal Property: Pay Personal Property taxes online. Enter by Dept/Ticket Number, Social Security Number or Account Number.

Prepay Real Estate: Prepay Real Estate taxes before bills are issued.

Prepay Personal Property: Prepay Personal Property taxes before bills are issued.

Pay Utilities: Pay business license fees online.

Available Inquiry Options

Real Estate Public Inquiry: View Real Estate payment history.

Personal Property Inquiry: View Personal Property payment history.

Yearly Real Estate Taxes Paid: View Real Estate taxes paid by year.

Yearly Personal Property Taxes Paid: View Personal Property taxes paid by year.